The Unprecedented Hype Of Daniel Murphy

If you scroll down far enough in my blog, you will see that I was riding the hype of Daniel Murphy during the Mets’ postseason run just like everyone else.

Maybe it is the fact that Murph is now sporting the Walgreens’ W down in Washington, or maybe it was the defensive error, but either way, I am no longer with 28.

Yes, he made history.

Yes, he essentially led the Mets into the World Series with his record-breaking home runs.

No, the Mets don’t need him.

No, he does not deserve the hype.

During his streak in the postseason, majority of my friends were coming up to me to smack-talk (per usual) by saying, “I can’t wait until Murphy is in pinstripes.” I knew, however, the real Daniel Murphy. And, I knew that he would not be a MLB hot shot any time soon.

Fast forward a few months, my friends were saying that the Mets would be nothing with Murph (which I can debunk that theory in more ways than one). My question was, though, did you hear of him before his postseason run? No. Really, it was kind of a fluke thing.

He is a good guy–humble and modest. And, I wish him the best down in Washington, except for when he’s facing his former team.

Baseball is a game of streaks and droughts, as we all know, and Murphy is the perfect example of that.


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