7 Reasons To Be A New York Mets Fan

The New York Mets used to be deemed the “Lovable Losers.” Something about the way they played the game, although usually ending below .500, hooked fans, leaving them heartbroken and disappointed more often than not. Despite that, Mets fans proudly wore orange and blue and continued to defend their team even in the darkest days.

Fans began to remember why they fought for the Mets in previous years after the 2015 World Series run. Now, with the 2016 season upon us, I will give you 7 simple reasons to root for the team previously known as the Lovable Losers.

1. The best pitching staff in baseball.


And, they’re just getting started.

2. The passion the players have for the team.


Wilmer Flores, David Wright, Noah Syndergaard, and now Yoenis Cespedes call New York and Citi Field home. They’re not in it for the money, like the other New York team.

3. The visible loving atmosphere in their clubhouse.


Whether it is on Twitter or in the dugout, you can tell that the guys all get along. They all have each other’s back on and off the field.

While I’m on the subject of Twitter, you HAVE TO follow Noah Syndergaard.

4. The fan base.


Everyone that sports blue and orange gets ripped on for the team they chose to root for. And, yeah, when it’s bad, it is bad. When it’s ugly, it is ugly. However, when it’s good, it is GREAT. We do not take the good times for granted.

5. The 7 Line


Speaking of the fan base, The 7 Line is unique to the New York Mets. The 7 Line is a clothing line made for fans by fans. Not only do they have great Mets gear, but they also have group outings. Which means, The 7 Line is a bunch of crazed, Mets fans drinking beer and cheering for their team. What’s better than that?

6. They are baseball in the purest form.


Now, I am biased, but I think the New York Mets is baseball in its truest form. Unlike the other New York team, the Mets cannot afford to pay a field full of “top-notch” players. You know, that’s why every makes fun of us for having “no name players.” But that proves that the farm system develops players. From single-A ball to Citi Field, the Mets perfectly represent the hard work and dedication that the game of baseball takes.

7. World Series: Round 2


You don’t have to be picked on by your friends (and me) for being a bandwagon fan if you start cheering for them now.


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