#WinterMeetings Rumors

With Winter Meetings, the rumors on Mets Twitter are going to pretty hard to keep up with.

I will try to keep you updated.

Rumor #1:
Ben Zobrist apparently would like to make a decision during the meetings. As the Mets were in the mix of at least six options for Zobrist, Mets are now one of three teams pursuing him. Alongside Washington and San Fransisco, Mets are willing to sign for four years.
He could either be praised at Citi Field, or hated for years to come. Choose wisely.

By the end of the first day of Winter Meetings, the Mets are confident with Zobrist. One of his representatives said that Zobrist liked everything about New York when he visited.

Rumor #2:
Yoenis Cespedes is “unlikely” to be resigned by the Mets (which we probably could’ve told everyone during the season).

Rumor #3:
Needing depth in the bullpen, the front office is exploring for late-inning relievers, and they haven’t ruled out resigning Tyler Clippard.


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